ABOUT US / Mission

Advisor Committee


Provide advice on policy and practices in university research to the Board of Research and Academic Service and Research Institute.


Management Committee


1.       Provide consultation and recommendations on policy and guidelines for the management of research to the Board Research and Academic Service and the Research Institute. 

2.       Establish research and strategic management policy.

3.       Approved strategic policy proposed by the Research Institute.

4.       Approved policy and research plans proposed by the Research Institute.

5.       Approved rules and regulations on research that will be presented to the university and instigate rules and regulations for the administration of the Institution.

6.       Approved budget and oversight administration of the university funding for research and the annual budget of the institute.

7.       Approve the payment of subsidies offered by the research staff of the University.

8.       Regulate compliance according to research policy as well as the administration of the Institute.

9.       Appoint sub-committees or working groups to carry out the research of the university.

10.   Appoint policy and/or approve research and development policy to promotion of university research.

11.   Consider for approval of travel funds to support outstanding researchers on participation of international conferences.

12.   Initiate or approved awards to researchers with outstanding inventions or innovations.

13.   Perform any other work related to the development and promotion of the university research.


Human Ethics Committee


Review and approve human ethics in research and collaborate with Central Human Research Ethics.


Animal Ethics in Research Committee


Review and approve the use of experimental animals in research according to national and international standards.


Biosafety Committee


Review and approve research in genetic engineering, genetic technology and ensure biosafety and coordinate with the National Biosafety Committee (NBC), National Science and Technology Development Agency or NSTDA.