ABOUT US / Vision


 “Research for social development, innovation creativity, overcome national challenges”


“Promote and support research in compliance with Rangsit University development strategy”


Research Institute of Rangsit University

The institute was established to support faculty, staff and students of the Rangsit University to apply knowledge and expertise in various academic and research fields to service government agencies and private sectors including international corporations and individuals in attempt to achieve excellence in research and academics in relation to the Free Trade Policy in Thailand. This will gradually affect the development of international economic, social and political sustainability.

The primary goals of the Research Institute are:

1. Develop excellence in research in specialized fields and various disciplines such as sciences, social sciences, engineering, information technology, humanities and encourage the merging of various disciplines for international development.   

2. Utilize research outcomes and processes and application of new knowledge to develop curricula.     

3. Provide academic services to the general public especially for communities within the Rangsit Province and metropolitan areas by using the research finding to build new ideas for social cohesion. 

4. To develop outstanding researcher according to the Research Institute strategy in relation with the Rangsit University plan to establish research and academic excellence to national and international levels.


1. Outline policies to promote the development and research of the university and encourage research productivity of personnel including support and promote new generation researchers to initiate research fundamentals. 

2. Pursuit research funding from domestic or international sources. 

3. Compile database of research and researchers at the university as well as academic research in relevant fields of study to assist researchers with reliable source of reference.

4. Prepare university research funding and management of the institute to obtain approval of the Executive Committee of Research and the university. Internal and external funding will be managed accordingly.

5. Contemplate recommendations from the Research and Academics Committee and act in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Board of Research and Academics, Human Ethics Committee, Animal Ethics Committee and Biosafety Committee.

6. Propose the appointment of sub-committees for execute research within the university.  

7. Carry out research projects of the institute and act as centre for research and development with collaboration between the university personnel or in collaboration with researchers outside the university.

8. Prepare and implement transfer of knowledge and technology in general research topics or any specialized field with the approval of the Board of Research and Academics.

9. Offer advice on research methods for university personnel.

10. Publish distinctive studies for public access under the approval of the Board of Research and Academics.   

11. Award university researchers with outstanding innovations under the approval of the Board of Research and Academics.     

12. Propose policies and act accordingly, as approved by the Board of Research and Academics.

13. A center to coordinate and connect researchers, Board of directors and external agencies to improve the quality of research including the academic publications of Rangsit University.

14. Collect data and prepare research database of faculties and agencies for the university quality assurance.

15. Other process to improve, coordinate or eliminate drawbacks of research as approved from the Board of Research and Academics.


1.       Development research potential and quality of various disciplines.

2.       Collaborate and provide research services with internal and external sectors.

3.       Disseminate new knowledge gained from research and findings to audiences and users. 

4.       Benefits from research are used to improve the lives of people in social, economic, political, cultural, technological and environmental aspects.

2018 Strategic Planning

1.       Organized National and International Research Conference

2.       Upgrade university journal to national and international standards

3.       Promote ideas and innovations

4.        RSU Research Successor Program

5.        e-Research

6.       Initiate research collaboration and promote external funding

7.       Handbook for researchers

8.       Exchange research knowledge to improve researcher potential and insight.

9.       Knowledge management

10.    Handbook for Research Institute staff